SC12 Student Job Fair

The SC12 Broader Engagement (BE) program will host the Student Job/Opportunity Fair
from 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 1 - 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14. This face-to-
face event is open to all students participating in the SC12 conference and is an opportunity for students
interested in graduate fellowships, internships, summer job, graduate school assistant positions
or permanent employment to meet with potential employers. The 2011 Student Job/Opportunity
Fair had employers from research labs, academic institutions, recruiting agencies and private
industry who met with students to discuss about research, employment, internship and co-op
opportunities. We expect this year’s event to be equally successful.

Participating organizations will have the opportunity to interact with the students in computer
science, information systems, scientific computing and high performance computing related
fields. The registration fee for exhibitors is $300 and the deadline to sign up is Monday, October 15. After
October 15, the registration fee for exhibitors is $500. We encourage all exhibitors to
register as early as possible. However, donors to the SC Communities Programs are entitled
to complimentary registration for this event. Organizations wishing to participate in the
SC12 Student Job/ Opportunity Fair should confirm their participation by sending an email to student-job-
The name of organization’s representative(s) who will be present
at the event should also be included in the confirmation email.

Some useful tips for students preparing their resumes:

Do –

   • Include your contact information, objective and career summary

   • Make it simple, balanced and well organized

   • Space the sections so that they are easily distinguishable

   • Be consistent in style, font, spacing, indentation, etc.

   • Quantify accomplishments when you can

   • Use action verbs to describe your activities

Don't –

   • Use multiple/difficult fonts

   • Abbreviate

   • Use passive statements

   • Include generic interest unrelated to the job you are seeking

   • State "references available upon request." That will be assumed

Some websites with additional guidance for creating resumes include:

Recent grad resume tips:

Resume with education but little experience:>