Frequently Asked Questions for International Attendees

Where can I find out if I need a visa to attend SC12?
We provide basic visa information, but if you have specific questions that are not answered there, please see the US Department of State web site.

I need an invitation letter to apply for a visa. How can I request one?
You must register for SC12 before you can request or receive a visa letter of invitation. The visa letter is not sent automatically. Once an attendee has registered, they need to log back in to the registration site using their confirmation number (sent to them in their email confirmation) and email address used to register and print their visa letter.

The registration site is

On the right side of the above page, you need to enter your confirmation number email address and click "Continue". On the next page, scroll to the bottom and click where it says "Print a Visa Letter of Invitation" The visa letter will open as a pdf and you can then print it off.

How can I find out if other people from my country or region are attending SC12?
A special International Attendees Center will be available at the Convention Center, specifically for international attendees. The Center is therefore a good meeting place during the conference, as it is specifically designed to provide a safe and comfortable area to network and meet other international attendees. You can also leave messages on the Message Board asking other attendees from your country or region to meet you at a specific time in the Center.

Is there an area in the International Attendees Center to hold interviews with the press, to give a presentation, or to have a meeting?
There will be a certain amount of space available for interviews or small meetings. For details, contact in advance

I have a laptop with a wireless network card. Will I be able to connect to the internet at the Salt Lake City Convention Center?
Wireless service will be available, at no cost, throughout the convention center during SC12.

I am flying internationally. How early should I leave for the Salt Lake City airport when I depart?
Most airlines now require that you check in approximately three hours in advance for international flights due to the increased security checks. You should contact your airline for more specific information.

I am planning on arriving before the conference or staying on after the conference. What is there to do in and near Salt Lake City?
Here are some websites that might be helpful to you:
Salt Lake City area information

I have never been to Salt Lake City before. Where can I find a map of the area?
Salt Lake City area maps
Location of the Salt Lake City Convention Center

I have never been to the Salt Lake City Airport before. Where can I find information about the airport?
Salt Lake City Airport is the city's major airport. It is served by most major national and international airlines, so scheduling a flight to Salt Lake City should not be a problem. The Salt Lake City Airport provides details about the airport's layout, along with arrival and departure times of scheduled flights.

How do I get from the airport to the convention center or downtown hotels?
There are many transport options to and from the airport. For full directions please see the airport's web site.

Where can I exchange currency?
There are many currency exchange facilities in Salt Lake City. Most banks exchange currency, as do a number of travel centers in the city. Exchange services are more limited outside of Salt Lake City, and it's best to carry US-currency travelers checks or small amounts of US cash.

If you have a credit card that permits cash advances, or an internationally recognized cash-machine card, it should work at the many machines (called "ATMs") available at banks, hotels, and even the Convention Center. These often provide the best exchange rates.

Where can I use credit cards or travelers checks in Salt Lake City?
Salt Lake City businesses accept most credit cards and US-dollar travelers checks. A few restaurants accept cash only, or cash for purchases below some threshold amount. Most businesses require a photo identification card (passport or other identification) before cashing travelers checks.

If you are purchasing items while at SC12 (registration passes, tickets, merchandise, etc.), please note that we do not accept cash-machine (ATM) cards or foreign currency. SC12 accepts only US currency or a major credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

What time zone is Salt Lake City in?
Salt Lake City is in the Mountain Time Zone, which is seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What is Salt Lake City climate?
Summary of monthly climate information for Salt Lake City